About ModernFi

Grounded in knowledge, powered by technology

We’re a group of engineers, bankers, academics, and problem solvers bringing modern technology to traditional balance sheet management.
ModernFi was founded to empower banks through technology. By creating an efficient interbank market, we allow banks to increase their operational efficiency. We put our talent and technology at the service of banks to help them prosper and better serve their surrounding communities.
Logo from several brands where our team came from like Citi, Broadway and Princeton university

The work we do at ModernFi helps banks better serve their clients and improve the financial health of their communities. We’re working towards a future economy that’s more stable and inclusive.

We believe in responsible innovation

At ModernFi, we have deep respect for the banking system and are focused on advancing it. Our team has decades of experience in the financial sector, and we’re driven by an ambition to rethink the way banks interact with one another and their communities.

Meticulous execution and management

We are diligent and transparent. We believe that trust and credibility are earned through reliable performance, and that technology is most advanced when it’s seamless and accessible.

We are proudly backed by

As well as founders and executives from

See how ModernFi can help improve the financial health of your bank.

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