A fully integrated deposit network to improve your margins

Attract large-value depositors with a modern digital experience and access to extended insurance*, source funding on demand, and sweep excess liquidity to enhance balance sheet health and net interest margin

Grow deposits and customer relationships

Attract new customers with seamless access to extended deposit insurance*, a powerful non-rate value proposition

Retain key accounts and minimize runoff

Provide additional insurance* to strengthen relationships, trust, and security with your largest clients

Manage your deposit base and balance sheet

Source overnight and term funding on demand and sweep excess liquidity to strategically manage your balance sheet

Power stronger deposit growth with a modern digital experience

ModernFi integrates directly into your existing digital banking platform to provide a frictionless experience for your customers. ModernFi’s APIs and software for end-to-end program management remove operational burden for your team.

A deposit command center for your team

Sweep, reciprocate, and receive deposits on demand. Through ModernFi’s APIs and software, your team can easily manage your balance sheet, deposit programs, and accounts.

Manage your program through a powerful online admin portal

View and manage depositors, banks in network, and allocations

Set and monitor deposits retained on-balance sheet and deposits swept off-balance sheet

Track rates, transactions, activity, and reporting

A frictionless digital experience for your customers

Grow and retain large-value customers with seamless access to extended insurance*. ModernFi integrates directly into your existing digital banking platform so your customers can easily open, view, and manage their accounts.

Depositors can open accounts through your existing digital banking platform

Depositors can execute contracts directly on mobile or online

Depositors see their full balances and allocations within your digital banking application

Depositors can withdraw, deposit, and transfer funds on mobile or online


Provide extended insurance to depositors through program institutions, receive deposits on demand, and sweep excess funds to grow and optimize your deposit base.


Reciprocate deposits to grow and retain funding

Reciprocate (exchange) deposits with other institutions to attract and retain large-value clients by providing extended insurance through program institutions


Receive deposits on demand for liquidity

Source stable, cost-effective deposits on demand to shore up liquidity and power asset origination. ModernFi supports both overnight and term funding


Sweep excess deposits to improve health

Sweep undeployed deposits to other institutions to potentially earn fee income, improve performance metrics, and manage balance sheet health


Built on a foundation of compliance, regulatory respect, and disciplined operations

Regulatory Adherence

ModernFi maintains compliance with interagency guidance on risk management for third-party relationships

Operational Resilience

ModernFi has partnered with a systemically important financial institution as its qualified custodian to hold and transfer deposits

Information Security

ModernFi is SOC 2 certified, which ensures the firm meets strict standards for data protection, infosec, and identity / access management

Truth in Numbers


42% of all banks rely on sweep and reciprocal deposits for growth and retention.
Source: FFIEC Call Reports

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