Grow, retain, and manage your deposits

Financial institutions of all sizes rely on ModernFi’s deposit network to provide additional security to depositors, source funding on demand, and sweep excess liquidity.

The first fully integrated and API-driven deposit network

Reduce interest expense, grow net interest margin, and operate more efficiently with ModernFi’s platform. ModernFi is the only deposit network to fully integrate into digital banking, expose APIs, and provide software to eliminate friction for your customers and remove operational burden for your team.

A deposit command center for your team

Sweep, reciprocate, and receive deposits with ease through ModernFi’s software and APIs. Eliminate unnecessary paper, emails, and phone calls.

A frictionless digital experience for your customers

Attract large-value depositors with a modern digital experience and access to extended deposit insurance*. ModernFi integrates directly into your existing digital banking platform.

Client Stories

Deposit management is a key priority for the banking sector right now. ModernFi’s technology to streamline onboarding and operations for depositors and banks provides an innovative additional way for our industry to serve clients.
ModernFi's deposit network delivers critical features and capabilities around deposit management for the industry. ModernFi’s functionality should expand digital capabilities for the banking sector and offers a robust, modern service.

Truth in Numbers


12% stronger deposit growth at banks that utilized sweep and reciprocal deposits in 2023 compared to those that did not.
Source: FFIEC Call Reports

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