Grow, retain, and
manage your deposits

Financial institutions of all sizes rely on ModernFi to provide access to
additional insurance* for depositors, source funding on demand,
manage their balance sheet, and grow revenue.

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Modern balance sheet management
for banks and credit unions

Leverage ModernFi's integrated suite of deposit products to better serve your
depositors, empower your operating teams, and grow net interest margin.

Deposit Network

Attract large-value depositors
and manage balance sheet size

ModernFi's Deposit Network enables you to provide extended deposit
insurance to attract and retain large-value depositors, source overnight
funding for liquidity, and sweep excess deposits to manage your
balance sheet. ModernFi's integrations and software eliminate friction
for depositors and operational burden for institutions.

Term Funding

Source cost-effective term
funding on demand

ModernFi's Term Funding software lets you source stable, efficient
funding to grow and manage your balance sheet. ModernFi provides
unparalleled insights into market pricing for brokered CDs, order fill,
and issued CDs to empower your liquidity and funding teams.

Testimonials from our partners

Everybody's running to find a resource to get some level of NCUA coverage on deposits, so finding ModernFi was literally a gift. We were very fortunate to stumble across [ModernFi] and you've been very helpful for us as we look to extend coverage to our depositors here at Royal.

Mickey Noone

VP of Business Lending

Royal Credit Union

We've never had a tool or technology like ModernFi within the credit union system before. Deposit insurance is now important. Silicon Valley Bank was a wake-up call for folks. I look at deposit insurance like oxygen: you don't really realize it's there until it's gone.

Rodney Hood

Former Chairman of the NCUA

ModernFi Board Member

ModernFi's deposit network delivers critical features and capabilities around deposit management for the industry. ModernFi's functionality should expand digital capabilities for the banking sector and offers a robust, modern service.

Igor Cerc

Chief Enterprise Strategy Officer & Head of Ventures

Huntington National Bank

Deposit management is a key priority for the banking sector right now. ModernFi's technology to streamline onboarding and operations for depositors and banks provides an innovative additional way for our industry to serve clients.

Tyler Craft

Director of Transformation - Fintech & Emerging Technology

First Horizon Bank

*Insurance provided through program banks and credit unions (subject to certain conditions)


Stronger deposit growth at financial institutions that utilized sweep and reciprocal deposits in 2023 compared to those that did not.

Source: FFIEC Call Reports