Empowering financial institutions
through technology

Our mission is to increase the stability and performance of
US financial institutions and the communities they serve.

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Who we are and why we’re here

We are a group of engineers, financial analysts, academics, and problem solvers bringing modern technology to
traditional balance sheet management. We put our talent and technology at the service of institutions to
help them prosper and better serve their communities.

Community and regional financial institutions form the foundation of the American economy, providing the credit
needed to power growth and offering a safe place for people to keep their life savings. ModernFi is committed to
helping institutions of all sizes continue to grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.


As the leading provider of deposit technology,
ModernFi's work has been recognized by top
organizations year after year. By combining leading
technology with a deep focus on customer success,
ModernFi prides itself on going above and beyond.

Proudly backed by

ModernFi is proudly backed by and partnered with
industry leaders. We are strengthened by the
experience and expertise of the leading funds and
financial institutions, including both banks and credit
unions. Together, we are on a journey to support and
strengthen the American financial sector.