Enhance your ALM with
tactical balance sheet

ModernFi supports your ALCO with full control over your organizations balance sheet,
enabling you to easily increase funding when you need it, or put idle funds to work
when you have excess.

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Manage Your Balance Sheet Size
to Meet Your Needs

Strategically dial funding up or down as needed to meet liquidity needs,
generate additional income, and manage to regulatory thresholds.

Source overnight or term deposits from ModernFi to strengthen your balance sheet and fuel asset growth

Sweep deposits into ModernFi's network to reduce the overall size of your balance sheet and potentially boost fee income

ModernFi's Sweep Program
Helps Your Financial Institution

Source funding to

Fuel loan growth

Confidently empower your lending teams to grow their book of business with simplified access to stable funding,
with or without duration.

Grow the size of your
balance sheet

Source deposits through ModernFi to grow the size of your balance sheet as needed to fuel asset origination and shore up liquidity.

Diversify your deposit base

Backstop your balance sheet with funding from other
industries and geographies, or access term funding from a
premier network of deposit brokers.

Reduce reliance on collateral

Source stable, cost-effective deposits on demand without needing to set aside valuable assets.

Avoid cannibalization

Keep your existing deposit base intact by accessing funding without the pricing concerns of issuing a new rate special.

Sweep deposits to

Generate additional revenue

Earn potential fee income directly from ModernFi's network of program banks or credit unions by sweeping deposits.

Precisely manage your
balance sheet

Give your ALCOs greater control over funding objectives, decreasing execution timelines from months to days.

Improve key asset ratios

Enhance your bank or credit union's potential return on average assets, net interest margin, and capital ratio.

Reduce acquisition
cost of funds

Banks and credit unions can choose to pass income generated from swept funds on to end depositors to deepen relationships without raising rate.

Support large-dollar accounts

Open new revenue streams and expand your customer base by establishing valuable partnerships with large-dollar accounts without affecting your balance sheet size.