Power healthy deposit
and deepen
key relationships

ModernFi's Insured Sweep Accounts enable banks and credit unions to attract large-
value depositors, growing priority lines of business and customer segments.

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Target high-value individuals, institutions, and
industries with an insured deposit account  
that fits their unique needs

High-Net-Worth Individuals

Offer Insured Sweep Accounts as an attractive feature to high-net-
worth individuals seeking safety and security for their substantial
deposits. Accounts with extended insurance can help bolster your
value proposition as a relationship-first organization and help you
compete for the largest depositors.

Wealth Management &
Financial Planning

Integrate Insured Sweep Accounts into a broader set of financial planning services, showcasing a comprehensive approach to wealth management and asset protection. Cross-selling Insured Sweep Accounts with a suite of wealth management services can help attract clients looking for diversified financial solutions from a trusted institution.

Business Banking

Target business owners and entrepreneurs with cash reserves or
payroll accounts by offering Insured Sweep Accounts as part of a
business banking solution suite of products. Strengthen and
deepen existing business banking relationships by offering Insured
Sweep Accounts as a way to increase share of wallet.

Government and
Municipal Deposits

Insured Sweep Accounts are a trusted option for government
entities, municipalities, and public agencies to securely manage
their funds. Leverage your deep local ties and expertise to
establish long-term relationships built on community
engagement, trust, and reliability.

Nonprofits and
Charitable Organizations

Attract deposits from mission-driven nonprofit and charitable
organizations who share similar values of community engagement
and development. Insured Sweep Accounts can help protect large
donation accounts, transformational deposits, and impact
investment funds at your community-oriented institution.