Attract depositors with
extended insurance and
manage your balance sheet

Use ModernFi's Deposit Network to attract and retain large-value depositors with
access to millions in extended deposit insurance*, source funding on demand to fuel
asset growth, and sweep excess liquidity to enhance your margins. ModernFi's
software and integrations eliminate friction for FI operators and depositors.

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Grow deposits and customer relationships

Attract new customers with access to extended deposit insurance*, a powerful non-rate value proposition.

Retain key accounts
and minimize runoff

Provide additional insurance* to strengthen relationships, trust, and security with your largest depositors.

Manage your deposit base and balance sheet

Source overnight funding on demand and sweep excess liquidity to strategically manage your balance sheet.

Supercharge your deposit growth,
depositor relationships, and balance sheet

ModernFi's deposit network connects financial institutions to let them reciprocate (exchange),
source, and sweep deposits. Banks and credit unions can seamlessly utilize the network to provide
extended deposit insurance, source funding, and sweep excess liquidity.

Grow relationships with
accounts offering millions
in extended insurance*

Financial institutions can leverage ModernFi's deposit network to offer millions in additional deposit insurance* to attract large-value depositors, retain key relationships, and grow new business lines.

  • Depositors enjoy the peace of mind of millions of additional
    deposit insurance* through a single financial relationship

  • Insurance is a strong, non-rate value proposition for high-
    net-worth individuals, businesses, public funds, nonprofits, and others

  • ModernFi's software and integrations provide a frictionless
    account experience for depositors and your ops team

Tactically manage your deposit base and balance sheet

Through ModernFi’s network, you can source funding on demand
and sweep excess liquidity to meet balance sheet needs and
improve key financial metrics.

  • Source stable, cost-effective overnight funding on demand
    from program institutions to shore up liquidity and fuel asset origination

  • Sweep deposits to program institutions to strategically
    support large partner accounts and potentially improve
    net income, capital ratios, and return on assets

  • Manage and optimize your balance sheet and funding
    initiatives through a powerful, user-friendly portal

*Insurance provided through program banks and credit unions (subject to certain conditions)