Fortify your balance sheet
with cost-effective, stable  
funding on demand

Use ModernFi's Term Funding Module to source stable, efficient funding to grow and
manage your liabilities. ModernFi provides unparalleled insights into market pricing for
brokered CDs, order fill, and issued CDs to empower your liquidity and funding teams.

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Price discovery through market and issuance data

View market rate curves and active issuance data to make more informed and cost-effective funding decisions.

Funding management to track issued CDs

Seamlessly track all your issuances with a built-in maturity schedule and document repository.

Seamless order execution and order management

Request funding on demand. Track orders with up-to-date order fill and upsize or close orders based on your targets.

Access Term Funding with Enhanced
Transparency, Control, and Ease

The size and growth of the wholesale funding market highlights its importance as a strategic funding
source. With ModernFi’s Term Funding Module, you can access a premier network of
deposit brokers to simplify and optimize your funding playbook.

Powerful data to empower your pricing and funding decisions

ModernFi provides a wealth of market data to help you make informed pricing decisions in order to source cost-effective funding based on your term needs.

  • View rate curves to help you understand current pricing in
    market and benchmark rates

  • Analyze the full universe of open issues to understand
    current activity and pricing

One portal for funding management, order execution,
and order management

ModernFi’s Term Funding Module simplifies the funding process,
helping you manage your existing issuances, place orders, track order fill, and store documentation seamlessly

  • Seamlessly track your issued CDs and monitor your maturity schedule to stay on top of upcoming payments and liquidity needs

  • Request funding directly through the portal, specifying amounts, terms, and other conditions

  • View up-to-date order fill allowing you to track your progress in real time

  • Store documents, including terms agreements, in the portal to help keep you organized and streamline risk management