Empowering Regional
and Community Banks

through Technology

ModernFi supports the growth and stability of regional and community banks,
allowing them to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive
financial services landscape.

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Streamline Your Operations and
Enhance Your Customer Experience

ModernFi provides the tools, applications, integrations, and services needed to
reduce friction for your customers and enable your team to focus on driving growth.

Grow your deposit base

Stay ahead of the competition and drive healthy, sustainable growth

ModernFi's robust technology provides the transparency,
flexibility, and capabilities needed to identify priority
initiatives and achieve more of your goals in less time.

Powerful digital experience

Give your customers the digital experience they expect

Your customers expect a simple, modern digital banking
experience at their fingertips. With ModernFi, you know
they're getting just that.

Streamlined operations

Save your operating team time, frustration, and worry

ModernFi serves as your treasury team's deposit command
center with advanced tracking, controls, and reporting so
you can make better, faster, more informed decisions.

Testimonials from our partners

ModernFi's deposit network delivers critical features and capabilities around deposit management for the industry. ModernFi's functionality should expand digital capabilities for the banking sector and offers a robust, modern service.

Igor Cerc

Chief Enterprise Strategy Officer & Head of Ventures

Huntington National Bank

Deposit management is a key priority for the banking sector right now. ModernFi's technology to streamline onboarding and operations for depositors and banks provides an innovative additional way for our industry to serve clients.

Tyler Craft

Director of Transformation - Fintech & Emerging Technology

First Horizon Bank


Stronger deposit growth at financial institutions that utilized sweep and reciprocal deposits in 2023 compared to those that did not.

Source: FFIEC Call Reports