Building Better Financial
Futures for Credit Unions

By providing access to modern tools and capabilities, ModernFi empowers
credit unions of all sizes and designations to focus on supporting their members
and their missions.

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Helping Credit Unions

ModernFi is helping foster a larger, richer, more secure ecosystem to
advance the Credit Union Movement.

Better protect members

Ensure the security and health of your community with technology that pays dividends

ModernFi provides access to tools and services that offer
peace of mind for both credit union leadership teams and
the members they serve.

Focus on service

Focus on member services and community connection, not operations

ModernFi's streamlined technology gives your credit union staff time to do the more important work of serving your members and the communities in which they live.

Power your growth

Drive unprecedented growth with access to unparalleled technology

ModernFi is leveling the playing field so credit unions can compete for deposits and members that have historically gone to the largest banks and financial institutions.

Testimonials from our partners

Everybody's running to find a resource to get some level of NCUA coverage on deposits, so finding ModernFi was literally a gift. We were very fortunate to stumble across [ModernFi] and you've been very helpful for us as we look to extend coverage to our depositors here at Royal.

Mickey Noone

VP of Business Lending

Royal Credit Union

We've never had a tool or technology like ModernFi within the credit union system before. Deposit insurance is now important. Silicon Valley Bank was a wake-up call for folks. I look at deposit insurance like oxygen: you don't really realize it's there until it's gone.

Rodney Hood

Former Chairman of the NCUA

ModernFi Board Member


Stronger deposit growth at financial institutions that utilized sweep and reciprocal deposits in 2023 compared to those that did not.

Source: FFIEC Call Reports