Grow profitability while
deepening depositor

Financial institutions with excess liquidity can sweep deposits off their balance sheet
into the ModernFi Network to potentially generate income, improve net
interest margin, and tactically manage balance sheet size.

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Put Idle Funds to Work by Sweeping
Deposits Off-Balance Sheet

Sweep deposits into ModernFi's network to boost fee income and
reduce the overall size of your balance sheet.

ModernFi's Sweep Program
Helps Your Financial Institution

Generate additional revenue

Get paid fee income directly by ModernFi's network of program banks or credit unions without affecting depositors' day-to-day liquidity.

Improve key asset ratios

Enhance your bank or credit union's potential return on average assets, net interest margin, and capital ratio.

Precisely manage
balance sheet size

Sweep deposits into the ModernFi Network to tactically manage balance sheet size and optimize your overall growth.

Reduce acquisition cost
of funds

Banks and credit unions can choose to pass income generated from swept funds on to end depositors to deepen relationships without raising interest expense.

Support large-dollar accounts

Open new revenue streams and expand your customer base by establishing valuable partnerships with large-dollar accounts without affecting your balance sheet size.