Source stable, secure,
non-collateralized overnight
or term funding
with ease

For financial institutions in need of liquidity, ModernFi is a powerful tool in your ALCO's
toolkit, letting you dial funding up or down as needed to reach your institution's goals.

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Access Cost-effective Overnight or Term
Funding to Fuel Your Growth

ModernFi provides both overnight and term funding options, with deposits sourced from other
financial institutions, so your treasury team can precisely manage your balance sheet.

ModernFi's Funding Options
Help Your Institution

Fuel loan growth

Confidently empower your lending teams to grow their book of business with simplified access to stable funding, with or without duration.

Precisely manage your
balance sheet

Give your ALCO greater control over funding operations, dialing funding up or down as needed to achieve your goals.

Diversify your deposit base

Backstop your balance sheet with funding from other industries and geographies, or access term funding from a premier network of deposit brokers.

Reduce reliance on collateral

Simply set your target deposits on-balance sheet and the rate you’re willing to pay, without needing to set aside valuable assets or open lines of credit.

Avoid cannibalization

Keep your back book intact by accessing funding without the pricing concerns of marketing a new product or rate special.