ModernFi enables you to
offer accounts with
extended insurance to your
highest-value depositors*

Reciprocate deposits with other financial institutions to easily safeguard your depositors'
balances with insurance provided through program banks and credit unions.

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Strengthen Your Relationships and
Grow with Reciprocal Deposits

Utilize ModernFi's reciprocal network to provide extended insurance without losing deposits.
The reciprocal program places funds at other banks or credit unions in the ModernFi Network for
insurance while sending back matching amounts to eliminate any impact on balance sheet size.

Reciprocal Deposits Help
Your Financial Institution

Attract large-dollar deposits

Regional & community banks and credit unions with extended insurance can now offer the same peace of mind as a larger
national bank, with deposits backed by the full faith and
credit of the United States government.

Enhance stability

Access funds from long-term high-value depositors at other banks or credit unions to confidently fuel your own liquidity initiatives.

Give yourself greater flexibility

Unlike other liquidity tools in your ALCO's toolkit, reciprocal deposits help grow your funding base with core, organic relationships and accounts.

Increase profitability

Improve the insured composition of your balance sheet and supercharge your financial performance without relying on rate.

Grow share of wallet

Capture a greater share of your existing wealth, business, and commercial relationships by offering additional safety with competitive interest rates.

*Insurance provided through program banks and credit unions (subject to certain conditions)